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Our manifesto

We share an adventure with inspired entrepreneurs who wake up in the morning with great ideas.

This manifesto also started with an idea:

How can we share that we are total? Anyone can write “we love what we do” – but what makes us so unique?

Written by Eyal Talmon, Muze Co-Founder

We are two childhood friends who became partners after designing many great products togteher.

We made some mistakes in the past – sometimes we took on projects with tight budgets, sometimes we worked on a very tight schedule, but magicly we always succeeded.

As a designer, I’ve realized that one of the most important factors for a successful design process is the designer’s ability to tap into her creativity and be fully in sync with the design brief.

If the designer doesn’t find chemistry with the design brief, it will be tough for her to push forward.

In comparison to a developer who gets frustrated when a bug appears and might attempt to solve it on her own or with her peers, the designer needs to iterate with the product manager until the design works.

Designers are like animals that live in the unknown, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to create something out of nothing. They need to be imaginative and constantly strive to make something unique.

This is why, our agenda is to work on products based on our chemistry with the company's DNA and vision.

As a result, we are able to integrate with the product team as if we’re part of them in-house, and design great products together!